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Sharon Toh 卓利娟

Sharon’s Profession is to assist individuals to achieve and maintain optimum Health and Wellness. Advising the individual about healthy diet, good nutrition and exercise. Sharon will guide you on the method to cope with oxidative stress. Become a healthier person and live a better lifestyle. Prevention is better than cure. Health is Wealth. 

利娟的专业是通过科学合理地调配个人的饮食, 营养和运动, 甚至如何減压。使人们得到理想的健康,减少各种慢性疾病的发生,并通过向大众提供营养知识,提高全民健康保健意识,以达到增强全民身体素质的目的。健康就是財富, 预防胜于治疗。

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